Wrethink’s Family Management Platform

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Wrethink’s Family Management Platform


H&L Consulting partnered with Wrethink, a California-based startup, to accelerate the development of their cloud-based family management platform. By leveraging our expertise in agile methodologies and integrating seamlessly with existing development teams, we empowered Wrethink to achieve significant advancements in platform architecture, development speed, and code quality.


Wrethink was developing a complex family management platform with a growing codebase. They aimed to expand their web-based platform with mobile (Rosy Go) and console (Rosy Home) versions. However, managing multiple development teams and ensuring efficient cross-team collaboration posed a significant challenge. Wrethink required expertise in the following areas:

  • Platform Architecture: Refining the existing architecture for scalability and microservices implementation.
  • Development Consolidation: Streamlining development efforts across multiple teams working on mobile and console functionalities.
  • Agile Development: Implementing agile methodologies to enhance development speed and maintain high code quality.


H&L Consulting’s team of engineers, proficient in modern development stacks, seamlessly integrated into Wrethink’s existing development process. We employed the following strategies to address Wrethink’s challenges:

  • Microservices Architecture: We provided guidance and expertise in implementing a microservices architecture on the Heroku cloud platform. This fostered scalability, maintainability, and independent deployment of platform functionalities.
  • Agile Development Methodology: We introduced and implemented agile methodologies, such as Scrum, to facilitate iterative development, continuous integration, delivery (CI/CD), and prioritized backlog management.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: We established clear communication channels and fostered collaboration between H&L engineers and existing Wrethink development teams. This ensured consistent coding practices, efficient knowledge sharing, and streamlined workflows.
  • Technology Stack Expertise: Our team leveraged their expertise in cloud technologies (Heroku), Node.js, TypeScript, and React for both back-end and front-end development across mobile (Rosy Go) and console (Rosy Home) versions of the platform.
  • Automated Testing: We implemented automated testing frameworks and practices to achieve a high degree of code coverage (over 95% measured by Codacy) and ensure the platform’s quality and stability.


H&L Consulting’s collaborative approach and technical expertise yielded significant benefits for Wrethink:

  • Microservices-based Architecture: We collaborated on building a robust and scalable microservices-based architecture on Heroku, allowing Wrethink’s platform to adapt to future growth and changing requirements.
  • Agile Development Efficiency: The implementation of agile methodologies significantly enhanced development speed and facilitated faster delivery of new features and functionalities.
  • Consolidated Development Efforts: By fostering seamless collaboration, we consolidated development efforts across various teams, ensuring consistency and efficiency in building the mobile and console versions of the platform.
  • Exceptional Code Quality: Through the implementation of automated testing frameworks and comprehensive testing practices, we achieved a high degree of code coverage, ensuring the platform’s stability and long-term maintainability.

Wrethink’s innovative family management platform is poised to revolutionize how families connect and manage their lives. H&L Consulting is proud to have been a key partner in accelerating the development of this groundbreaking solution.

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