Soccer Coaching Application

Summary¬† A mobile coaching platform connects young soccer players with personalized training experiences led by a renowned coach. H&L Consulting played a pivotal role in the creation of the app, collaborating closely with the coach’s team from concept to launch. Leveraging our software development expertise, we focused on creating a user-friendly interface and integrating personalized […]

Data-Driven Golf Coaching App

Summary A subscription-based golf app harnessed the power of data analytics, personalized coaching, and exclusive content to elevate the game of dedicated amateurs. It offered a technologically advanced toolkit aimed at emulating the benefits enjoyed by Tour players. Challenge The central challenge was twofold: Data Integration and Analysis: Collecting meaningful performance data (swing metrics, course […]

Pickleball Coaching Application

Summary The app integrates elite, personalized coaching into club memberships, allowing members to upload practice and game footage captured by built-in cameras on every court. This footage connects them directly to world-class players. Challenges¬† Enhancing player performance with personalized coaching. Broadening access to elite-level coaching through a convenient mobile app. Fostering community engagement and promoting […]