Data-Driven Golf Coaching App

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Data-Driven Golf Coaching App


A subscription-based golf app harnessed the power of data analytics, personalized coaching, and exclusive content to elevate the game of dedicated amateurs. It offered a technologically advanced toolkit aimed at emulating the benefits enjoyed by Tour players.


The central challenge was twofold:

  • Data Integration and Analysis: Collecting meaningful performance data (swing metrics, course statistics) and translating it into easily digestible improvement plans.
  • Tailored Instruction: Going beyond generic tips and using technology to offer coaching adapted to the individual player’s needs.


  • On-Course Tracking: Integrate the app with GPS-enabled rangefinders and smartwatches to record shot distances, locations, and club selection.
  • Content Delivery and Community: Provide a secure platform for delivering exclusive video breakdowns, drills, and Tour insights. 
  • Data Formats: Utilized a combination of standard data formats (JSON, CSV) for structured data points like shot distances and club choices. For swing analysis, we employ custom formats to efficiently store skeletal key points and video files with metadata overlays.
  • Backend Scalability: To ensure smooth performance as the user base grew, the backend employed a cloud-based architecture using Azure. Our database solutions would need to accommodate both structured data and potentially large video files for swing analysis. Load balancing and auto-scaling features would be crucial to handle peaks in demand, especially following the release of new content or features.
  • Direct Product Purchase Integration: Enable users to seamlessly purchase products directly from the manufacturer within the app, enhancing convenience and accessibility for golfers.


  • Optimized Equipment: Utilize data to inform club recommendations for users.
  • Swing Refinement: Coach feedback pinpointed flaws with actionable steps (drills, setup changes) tailored to the individual player.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Round stats visualized on-course tendencies, identifying strengths to exploit and areas prone to error.
  • Elevated Enthusiasm: Access to tour-level analysis and content created a stronger connection to the professional game, boosting players’ overall engagement with the sport.
  • This app became one of the most popular apps for golfers, with notable results:  achieving 4.8 stars and a 2.7k rating on the app store. While on Google Play this app achieved 10k+ downloads. 
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