Diving Unlimited International 

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Diving Unlimited International 


Diving Unlimited International (DUI) sought to create an application to streamline the process of ordering custom dry suits tailored to each unique individual. H&L Consulting constructed an iOS application to effectively address the limitations of in-store ordering and expand the resources available to dry suit purchasers. 


Our objective was to address several key challenges in the dry suit industry, starting with the traditional method of ordering tailored suits in-store. This specialized equipment is customized for every individual, with thousands of combinations and specifications. Our UI had to be simple for users to understand while also providing a comprehensive and intuitive experience for customizing their dry suits. 


By addressing the challenges of traditional in-store ordering with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive customization options, the app streamlined the customer experience. Users could easily navigate through thousands of specifications and combinations to tailor their dry suits precisely to their needs. The result was an intuitive and efficient ordering process that enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for DUI, marking a significant advancement in the industry’s approach to specialized equipment customization. The innovative solution represented a major leap forward in the industry’s approach to customizing specialized equipment, setting a new standard for how such products are ordered, personalized, and delivered. 


Through our collaboration, H&L Consulting has facilitated several key results. Users can enjoy an enhanced platform to customize and purchase dry suits from the comfort of their homes. This allowed users to navigate through thousands of specifications and combinations to precisely tailor their dry suits to their individual needs. The innovative solution marked a significant advancement in the industry, setting a new standard for the customization and delivery of specialized equipment. 

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