SmartFit Studio 

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SmartFit Studio 


Our partner sought to develop a streamlined way to personalize golf club fittings without needing a specially trained fitter. H&L Consulting was brought in to lead app development. The app could integrate with industry-leading launch monitors, used to track and record golf data for analysis on the backend server. Furthermore, the swing metrics were analyzed to supply data-backed recommendations for golf clubs. Previously, this analysis was done by highly trained professional golf fitters. 


  • Refining the process of sharing swing data in a method where a variety of platforms can understand 
  • Utilized user testing and feedback loops to refine the process ensure clear visualization of statistics and create a unique and enjoyable overall experience. 


Data Integration: developed a way to share and read data across multiple platforms and launch monitors 

User Experience: Designed a user-friendly interface that provides clear visualizations of swing statistics. 

Backend Development: Ensured robust data processing and storage solutions to handle large volumes of swing data. 

Testing and Refinement: Conducted extensive user testing to ensure functionality across a wide range of skill levels among golfers 


H&L Consulting’s team of engineers successfully developed an app that allows users to receive personalized golf fittings without needing professional fitters. This app integrated with several industry-leading launch monitors providing detailed statistics and increasing fitting accessibility for a wider audience while maintaining the quality of fittings. 

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