Pickleball Coaching Application

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Pickleball Coaching Application


The app integrates elite, personalized coaching into club memberships, allowing members to upload practice and game footage captured by built-in cameras on every court. This footage connects them directly to world-class players.


  • Enhancing player performance with personalized coaching.
  • Broadening access to elite-level coaching through a convenient mobile app.
  • Fostering community engagement and promoting skill development for the sport’s growth.


Utilizing React Native, H&L Consulting developed the mobile coaching platform, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and efficient development. React Native’s framework facilitated the creation of a seamless and responsive user interface, enabling smooth interactions and navigation for soccer players. Leveraging its capabilities, our team implemented personalized coaching features, integrating them seamlessly into MyJourney’s backend architecture. Allowing the app to be cloned and developed with very low effort. By harnessing React Native’s flexibility and performance benefits, we delivered a high-quality application that offers young soccer players a dynamic and engaging training experience.


Through our collaboration, H&L Consulting the app has made a positive impact on the pickleball community by providing access to elite-level coaching and fostering skill development among players. By integrating personalized coaching features and facilitating seamless interactions, the app has helped pickleball players enhance their performance and elevate their game on the court.

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