Soccer Coaching Application

Summary¬† A mobile coaching platform connects young soccer players with personalized training experiences led by a renowned coach. H&L Consulting played a pivotal role in the creation of the app, collaborating closely with the coach’s team from concept to launch. Leveraging our software development expertise, we focused on creating a user-friendly interface and integrating personalized […]

Body Measurement and Analysis Application

Summary All Athlete, a fitness technology company, sought to create a comprehensive body measurement and analysis app. The app aimed to empower users through detailed body metrics, celebrity body comparisons, personalized style recommendations, and even calculated clothing size suggestions across major fashion brands. H&L Consulting was engaged to architect and develop the Android frontend. Challenge […]

Golf Event and Fitting Management Solution

Summary H&L Consulting collaborated on a project focused on developing an application aimed at enhancing the golfing experience. The application allows users to manage golf events, fittings, and reviews seamlessly. It offers functionalities such as capturing shot data from external launch monitors, running proprietary logic for club recommendations, and integrating with professional-grade launch monitor systems […]

Data-Driven Golf Coaching App

Summary A subscription-based golf app harnessed the power of data analytics, personalized coaching, and exclusive content to elevate the game of dedicated amateurs. It offered a technologically advanced toolkit aimed at emulating the benefits enjoyed by Tour players. Challenge The central challenge was twofold: Data Integration and Analysis: Collecting meaningful performance data (swing metrics, course […]

On-course performance tracker and analysis app

Summary Our partner sought to build a comprehensive on-course performance tracker and analysis app. Their goal was to give amateur golfers tour-level insights to elevate their games. H&L Consulting was brought in to lead the app’s development. The app could integrate with the USGA (United States Golf Association) to post users’ scores directly to their […]