On-course performance tracker and analysis app

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On-course performance tracker and analysis app


Our partner sought to build a comprehensive on-course performance tracker and analysis app. Their goal was to give amateur golfers tour-level insights to elevate their games. H&L Consulting was brought in to lead the app’s development. The app could integrate with the USGA (United States Golf Association) to post users’ scores directly to their handicap system. Additionally, it could display users’ handicap index and recent scores retrieved from the USGA database within the app, providing them with a comprehensive view of their performance over time. This integration would further enhance the app’s value to golfers by seamlessly incorporating official scoring data into their analysis and tracking capabilities.


  • Capturing precise location data across thousands of golf courses while ensuring an intuitive shot input process for the user was essential.
  • The app needed to go beyond basic stats, offering deep insights golfers could act on. This required developing and integrating advanced algorithms like ‘Strokes Gained’.
  • Balancing feature richness with ease of use was critical to encourage regular adoption among players of varying technical skill levels.


  • Combined GPS with manual yardage input to ensure accuracy and flexibility on any course. On top of that, we created a streamlined course mapping system.
  • Established relevant benchmarks using a blend of pro data and statistically derived models.
  • Utilized user testing and feedback loops to refine the data input process, ensure clear visualization of statistics, and create an enjoyable overall experience.


  • The app provided golfers with data about their games typically accessible only to elite players. This analysis fostered smarter shot selection and strategic improvement.
  • Real-world club performance data empowered golfers to make data-driven equipment adjustments and validate their current setups.
  • Careful UI/UX work ensured adoption wasn’t hindered by complexity. Game modes increased enjoyment and community engagement.
  • Our expertise in app development and understanding of golf-specific requirements in combination with the help of experts from our partner allow us to launch a well-received product.
  • H&L development of this app has achieved remarkable results for our client: 100k downloads and roughly 592 reviews on Google Play. 
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