Optimising Global Manufacturing Process

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Optimising Global Manufacturing Process


H&L Consulting partnered with a leading sports equipment manufacturer to develop the Global Assembly Tool (GAT). This tool, powered by IoT technology, revolutionizes workshop and assembly processes by providing tailored data and guidance to assembly specialists. H&L’s expertise in software development and IoT integration enabled the creation of GAT, which optimizes production efficiency by minimizing effort and reducing TAKT time. The tool also facilitates defect monitoring, rework processing, and repairs, while supporting cross-regional data comparison for issue identification and analysis. With ongoing collaboration and bi-weekly releases, H&L Consulting ensures that GAT evolves to meet global business priorities and operational requirements. Additionally, H&L’s integration of machine monitoring and data collection further enhances production facility efficiency, marking a significant advancement in assembly process optimization.


Our esteemed client, a leading global manufacturer of golf equipment, operates multiple factories across several countries, including Australia, the UK, the US, Mexico, South Korea, and Japan. One significant challenge they face is ensuring consistency in manufacturing processes across these diverse locations, aiming for reliable output at each facility.


Leveraging a sophisticated array of technologies including dotnet, Angular, Oracle, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, and SQL Server, we devised a comprehensive solution. Our approach involved crafting highly adaptable modules tailored to the specific needs of each factory. By integrating data from various machinery such as the Curing Carousel, Swing Weight, and Length Gauge, our tool ensures stringent quality control and enables real-time tracking of factory performance metrics.


H&L Consulting successfully addressed the challenges in the manufacturing sector by developing the Global Assembly Tool (GAT). As a result of our strategic approach and innovative solutions, several key outcomes were achieved:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The implementation of GAT-optimized manufacturing workflows, reducing TAKT time and minimizing the effort required for assembly processes. This led to increased productivity and streamlined operations across various facets of the manufacturing process.
  • Improved Data Utilization: GAT enabled the collection and utilization of valuable data throughout the assembly process. This data was leveraged for defect monitoring, rework processing, and repairs, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive problem-solving.
  • Increased Process Visibility: The GAT platform provided stakeholders with real-time insights into assembly operations, enabling better visibility and control over the production process. This enhanced transparency facilitated quicker identification of issues and more efficient resolution of manufacturing challenges.
  • Facilitated Automation Integration: GAT served as a precursor for the integration of automation into manufacturing processes. By laying the foundation for future automation initiatives, H&L Consulting enabled Taylormade Golf to stay ahead of industry trends and embrace technological advancements.
  • Repair Center:  the reliability, versatility, ease of use and stability have allowed our client to further leverage this tool in their repair centers as well. 

Overall, the successful implementation of GAT by H&L Consulting resulted in tangible benefits for the manufacturing sector, including enhanced operational efficiency, improved data utilization, increased process visibility, and facilitated automation integration. These outcomes empowered the client to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and achieve strategic objectives in a competitive market landscape.

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