Streamlining Amazon Order Routing: H&L’s RPA Solution for Manufacturer

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Streamlining Amazon Order Routing: H&L’s RPA Solution for Manufacturer


H&L Consulting employed RPA to automate Amazon order routing for a golf equipment manufacturer. The client grappled with the laborious task of processing numerous orders daily from various Amazon sellers. RPA streamlined this process by automating data input into Amazon’s vendor center and database, significantly reducing time and effort. This initiative enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy, benefiting the client’s performance on the platform.


  • Time-consuming manual tasks: Automating the routing process eliminates the need for manual data entry and processing, saving significant time and effort.
  • Tedious order processing: The client faced the burden of handling a high volume of orders from multiple Amazon sellers, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.
  • Complex data encoding: Inputting detailed shipping information into Amazon’s vendor center required precision and accuracy, which was prone to human error.
  • Tracking and management: Managing orders and tracking shipments through email and databases was cumbersome and inefficient.
  • Scalability and accuracy: With thousands of orders received daily, ensuring accuracy and scalability in order processing was a significant challenge for the client.
  • By automating these processes, H&L Consulting helped the client overcome these challenges, improving operational efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their Amazon order routing operations.


  • We began by conducting interviews and demos to understand their existing processes thoroughly.
  • Next, we created a detailed diagram illustrating the client’s workflow, mapping out every step.
  • Our business analysts then crafted a comprehensive solution design, outlining all possible actions, their locations, and the underlying logic.
  • Our programmers got to work, implementing the solution using UiPath, automating the identified processes.
  • Throughout the implementation phase, we maintained open communication with our client, conducting multiple interviews and demo sessions to ensure alignment and gather feedback for iterative improvements.


By implementing this project, we can save our clients 160 hours and $10,000 per year. This significant time and cost reduction is achieved through streamlining the routing process, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall efficiency. With automation in place, our clients can enjoy faster order processing, reduced errors, and increased scalability, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes.

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